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A Classic Clean at Bank Smilepod

What happens during a dental hygiene treatment?

Clients often want more information about what happens during hygiene treatments so Becky, the manager of our Bank Studio (Leadenhall Market), has prepared a step by step guide to what to expect during our Classic Clean (scale & polish) treatment so you know what to expect from the moment you step through the door.P6023150_edited-1

All of our dental hygiene treatments are available without referrals saving you time.

Although your hygiene clean will be carried out by one of our friendly dentists there will be no dental work during this treatment.

We understand that nervous clients can find visiting the dentist traumatic and aim to ensure every stage is fully explained to you.

Do remember that if you are nervous, you can ask your dentist to stop at any point as you are always the one in control.

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As soon as you arrive at one of the Central London Smilepod dental studios one of the managers will greet you.

In the case of Bank Smilepod ( nr Leadenhall Market) , our friendly manager Becky willgreet you and help you feel at ease.

If it’s your first time visiting Smilepod, Becky will ask you to fill out a short ‘confidential customer questionnaire’ for your dentist.

It’s important that we have these details to confirm your address and to note any allergies you might have (such as to latex or penicillin) and to ensure the dentist you see can provide the best possible care for you..


It’s always a good idea to arrive a few minutes early for your appointment and Becky will be happy to make you a tea or coffee whilst you complete your form.

You will then meet one of our fantastic dentists (Dr Veronia De Zan is pictured) who will take you into one of the pods for your treatment.

The dentist will read through your questionnaire and ask you some general questions for example about your previous dental history and lifestyle habits so they can best advise you.


The dentist will then sit you back in a comfortable dental chair, provide you with safety glasses (to block any spray) and then start the cleaning treatment.

The Classic (clean & polish) begins with scaling which carefully removes all the plaque and tartar build up using an ultra-sonic scaler and hand scalers.

The ultra-sonic scaler squirts water into your mouth whist the dentist cleans around your teeth and you will feel slight vibrations. If any discomfort occurs, let the dentist know so they can make it as comfortable as possible for you.

Your dentist will gently clear away all of the debris from around the teeth and under your gums using these methods.

Once all the plaque and tartar has been removed, your dentist will then polish all of your teeth using our special prophy paste to give your teeth a lovely silky feeling.The polishing can feel very tickly on the teeth and gums.

P6093407_edited-1Once the cleaning is complete, the dentist will talk you through different ways to maintain good oral hygiene such as flossing and using an electric toothbrush.

Once the treatment is over the dentist will sit you up in the chair, give you the chance to rinse your mouth and then hand you a mirror so you can have a look at your lovely clean teeth!

Is it scary?

The Classic Clean is not scary at all. All of our hygiene cleaning treatments here at Smilepod are carried out by professional and friendly dentists who make sure the treatments you receive are enjoyable and stress free.

How will my teeth feel afterwards? 

P6023226_edited-1After the Classic Clean you’ll feel like you have had a new lease of life. Your teeth will feel silky smooth and your tongue wont be able to leave them alone!

Why are regular cleans important?

Cleaning your teeth regularly is the most effective way of keeping your mouth looking and smelling healthy.  It also helps to prevent tooth decay, gum disease and bad breath.
Healthy teeth and gums will give you a more confident smile, make you feel good and also enable you to speak and eat properly.

A good daily oral hygiene routine with adequate brushing and flossing techniques will prevent teeth or gums problems from starting or developing further.


Seeing your dentist regularly for early detection of problems is also very important.

Should you have any other questions or concerns contact Becky directly

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