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Press Release -21 May 2014

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More than 50% of Brits believe the quality of a person’s smile has a major impact on
their happiness, career prospects, relationships, and overall life success.* In every case, nice looking teeth are the essential ingredient for a great smile and having a beautiful smile can do wonders for confidence.

So why, if having a nice smile is so important in life, did only 50% of the UK population visit a dentist in the last 12 months?**


The answer is simple. Dentists typically don’t provide what people want – they tend to focus on what people ‘need’ with customer service and accessibility not at the centre of their business.


Mike Hutter, the Founder of Smilepod hated his smile and never smiled in photographs not even on his own wedding day. Although he wanted to improve his smile, when visiting the dentist he felt intimidated, confused about treatment options and costs.


So Mike used his personal experience to create a new type of professional dental experience based upon great customer service and accessibility for working people. Now 5 years on, Smilepod has 5 Central London locations, is planning more and attracting an ever growing number of new and loyal clients, who love having easy and convenient access to a cleaner, healthier, whiter and straighter smile.


Mike also felt that clients rarely understood what the dentist said, so he created a Menu of Treatments in plain English all with a price, banning the misleading word ‘from’ in the Smilepod vocabulary and  instead giving treatments helpful and attractive names all with a precise price. The menu also gives Smilepod clients more control and understanding of the available treatments.


Unlike traditional dentists Smilepod strives to make dentistry truly accessible to all. Part of the Smilepod key difference includes; evening and weekend appointments, desirable easy to understand treatments, convenient locations, online booking and professional friendly dentists.  The Smilepod formula is a must for busy time restricted people who know the benefit of a healthy smile. Smilepod also carries out general, restorative or preventative dentistry and has a full range of specialists, all dedicated to helping their clients achieve what they want – a confident healthy smile.


The Smilepod unique formula attracts well over 100 new clients each week. That’s many times more than the average dentist.


Chris Barrow, the UK leading Dental Business Consultant and Castaway star of the 2013 Bear Grylls The Island says I remember my excitement when the concept of Smilepod was first explained to me what seems an age ago. Something innovative in a profession reeling from the banking collapse and filled with voices of impending doom. The breath of fresh air Smilepod brought to the UK market was much needed and they continue to lead the enterprise wave in the business of dentistry.

UK dentistry is booming, with independent research indicating a private dental market of over £5bn which may grow to £8bn in the next 5 years. I am sure that the team at Smilepod will continue to spotlight the entrepreneurial spirit that all business sectors need to thrive – Happy birthday.”


The Smilepod difference


ü  No referrals needed – All treatments are carried out by dentists removing the need for referral

ü  Accessibility – Evening and weekend appointments available

ü  Friendly – Great customer service is key to Smilepod in a friendly  and professional environment

ü  Clear Prices – All treatments and prices are fully explained

ü  Online booking – Available 24/7 making visiting even easier.




Notes to the Editor


For further information regarding Smilepod, as well as an opportunity to visit Smilepod for a REVIEW treatment or an interview with Mike Hutter Smilepod Founder contact:  


Sue Fisher -Marketing and PR Manager





Smilepod dental hygiene treatments start from just £49 for their Smile on the Run®.  The well-know stain removal High Gloss Diamond Polish®treatment is £89. Smilepod also carries out teeth whitening and straightening plus a full range of restorative, preventative dentistry and general dentistry.





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